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Geoff Moult – huge Gary Cooper fan and tireless supporter of True Gen – has died. Geoff passed away on April 10. I’m a lucky man, indeed, to have met Geoff Moult. A remarkably gracious and caring human being. Next to me at this moment is a book given to me by Geoff and Maggie on their fellow Welshman, Dylan Thomas. Which brings back delicious memories of an afternoon in NYC, when Geoff and Maggie and I hit various bars in which Dylan Thomas once hung out. Some people, you meet them once and they are a part of you forever. It was that way with Geoff. The man is already missed, deeply so. All my deepest sympathy to Maggie and his daughter.

Like Hemingway’s Paris, Geoff Moult is a moveable feast.
-John Mulholland